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Now let's talk about where I came from...

Well, what can I say? I’m just a crazy guy with a weird passion for helping others succeed and do what they love.

I believe absolutely anything is possible in life when you’re committed. The world is simply my playground where I create freedom, joy and automated online businesses for myself, and everyone who’s willing to listen and take action.

It was mid 2013 When I “Woke Up” and made the executive decision to change my life.

While most people my age were working a job, starting a family and planning to work their entire lives,I was thinking about the bigger picture. My thirst for financial independence was such a driving force in my life, it led me on a self-made path more amazing than my wildest dreams. . .

I had no idea that my initial lust for freedom, to travel, to work less, to live more and to have fun with my friends and family would manifest itself into what today has become a true entrepreneurial mindset that has impacted so many lives in such a fulfilling way.

I started out having a passion for cars do I decided to become a car mechanic.  I did what typical people did at my age and got married and had two children.. Well, it might not be typical getting married at 25 anymore well I did it.

I was making a great income as a mechanic and purchased my first home at the age of 28 (Before it was just paying rent).  Things were fine and dandy until July 2013...  I got in a bad car accident where someone rear ended my car at 50 mph.

The good news was that it was just me in my car, but the bad news is I was the only source of income for my family...  The next few months changed my life forever.

The insurance company told me I will be getting 70% of my income which is good, but then said "OR up to $400 a week".

Yikes!  My mortgage alone was that amount and now I knew for sure this going to be stressful.

The next few months I was drowning in debt and all of my savings were gone.  I had to find a way to make money with a bad back...

After going through many internet opportunities, I landed on DS Domination which changed my life forever....

After following their training and taking massive action, I became one of the top earners in the company and created a full time income just from eBay.

I went through very tough times and I don't want anyone to go through what I went through.. That is why I am helping as many people as possible on this journey.  If a car mechanic can do this.. So can you!

Bless and Be Blessed,

Jesse Singh suit

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